Apst. Dr. Precious Toe

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Apst. Dr. Precious Toe, Founder and CEO of Rising Star Day Care LTD, Founder and CEO of Women Worship Gospel Music Awards, Founder and CEO of Albinism Foundation UK
and Liberia, Founder, and CEO of Restored To Ignite Ministry UK/International. Firstly, it is my greatest honor to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything I have
and owe came as an additional blessing from God.

I am a public speaker and radio host/presenter, I use my Podcast to give others a voice on issues that no one wants to speak about in our
communities, Inspirational Hour on UGN JAMZ Radio station. I am a law Researcher, I put disability policies together for the government as part of a team, I am an award-winning gospel artist, who has won many awards:- e.g. Italy Best Female Vocalist 2018, Praisetex Praise award, And more. I am an inspirational worshiper songwriter, and author. All that and more but my joy is being a mother to my beautiful children; Mona, Angel, TJ (Anthony JR) Moses, and Tailey Trey, and a wife to my wonderful husband Mr Christabell L. Peters. I was born in Liberia Monrovia to the late Mr Moses Toe and Rebecca Vleyee in 1980. During the civil war in Liberia, at the age of 9 went to Ghana where she studied at the Swiss International School. I came to the United Kingdom at the age of 16 in 1996. Studied at Blackheath BlueCoat Secondary School.

She has her Bachelor of Law LLP from the University of Greenwich. I went on to get my Doctorate from the University of Westminster in Law. I also have an Early Childhood degree. I was awarded a doctorate from the Universal Peace Federation for my Humanitarian and charitable Work with Persons with Albinism. My charity has 30 young people in schools and we support their families to get jobs, and housing and open their businesses.

My business Rising Star Day Care LTD provides childcare for children 0-5 years old and I am a member of All FaithNetwork in support of peace with different faith groups across the UK and
MPs working with the government to establish stabilities and awareness of faith groups.

We as a team have written a book. I use my experiences as a woman who survived domestic violence, to educate and support women all over the globe under the umbrella of the Women Worship Gospel Music Award powered by, Restored To Ignite Ministry International. We educate through conferences and worship experiences, to reach the unreachable and the less privileged in our communities through the word of God. I am an activist in the communities for young women supporting each other.

I was Awarded Ambassador Of Peace by the Universal Federation Of Peace in 2017 for Advocating for Persons with Albinism, the African Child, and the Girl Child projects. In my spare time, I watch Korean dramas, listen to the news, read books, and take care of her 5 children if not working on policies and public speaking on issues that matter.

On the 10th of February 2023, I auditioned for the movie about the 6888 US female soldiers that came to the UK during the 1940s by Tyler Perry Movie for Netflix. It was a great experience and
a presence to behold. The one thing I am proud of is the fact that I have the platform and privilege to speak of Jesus
Christ to the world.


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