Gospel Reggae

Keziah Job

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Monday 21:00 22:00
Tuesday 20:00 21:00
Wednesday 13:00 14:00

Unleashing the power of faith through rhythm and melody, Keziah Job is a dynamic force in the world of Gospel Reggae. As an artist, music producer, and vibrant Radio Presenter of “Reggae Royalty”, based in London, UK, she weaves together captivating tunes that uplift souls and ignite hearts. With her debut 2 track EP, ‘My Soul Knows Very Well’, Keziah burst onto the scene in 2017.

These tracks resonated deeply with audiences across Europe, the USA, and the Caribbean, earning her chart positions on various UK Gospel charts.
Driven by a passion for performing arts, Keziah possesses the creative flair and co-producing skills with Hammond & Harmony Productions, needed to craft extraordinary musical experiences.

Her journey is one rooted in purpose – to inspire others through uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
Join Keziah Job on “Reggae Royalty” for this extraordinary musical adventure as she spreads love, hope, and joy with every beat.

Tune in to experience soul-soothing melodies and uplifting messages that will touch your heart.

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