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Calandra Gantt

New Music From Calandra Gantt Praise Anthem (Let Go) (Live)    With over 30 years in the industry, Calandra Gantt is not just a name but a force to be reckoned with in contemporary gospel music. Her music embodies transparency, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to her faith. As a versatile artist, Calandra wears many hats – from singer and songwriter to musical director, actress, and producer. Numerous accolades, including […]

today18 May 2024 5


By Heather B – How well do you delegate as a leader?

How well do you delegate as a leader? The phrase "bleeding while leading" has been commonly used to emphasize dedication and resilience. It conveys the idea that true leaders are willing to sacrifice and endure personal hardships. While this sentiment holds value in some contexts, it is important to recognise that in reality and biblically, prioritising love is essential for effective and sustainable leadership. In believing you are loved enough […]

today16 May 2024 35 18


Toyin Adekale releases Stevie Wonder cover

  Toyin Adekale set to release Stevie Wonder's reggae cover on Global Love Day [United Kingdom] Award-winning International singer/songwriter Toyin Adekale based in Seattle; Washington, is set to release her first track for the year on the 1st of May 2024, The anticipated new single entitled ‘These Three Words’, is a lyrically poignant song originally written by the legendary Stevie Wonder. Toyin Adekale the former fourth member of world-renowned Boney […]

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Desola – I Will Not Fear

  DESOLA is an inspirational singer, songwriter, music artist, and worship leader.     The MOBO featured an award-winning music artist who was born into a non-Christian home but always felt that there was something unique about music that touched the heart. This feeling no doubt had a massive impact on her life as a teenager and her love of music and the desire to sing continue to this day. […]

today24 April 2024 31 1

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Kevin McFadden We Worship Thee

Release Date April 27th 2024 Introducing National Gospel Artist Kevin McFadden's Featured Single: "We Worship Thee" About Kevin McFadden: Kevin McFadden stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of gospel music, captivating audiences nationwide with his powerful voice and unwavering devotion. As a national recording artist, Kevin's influence extends far beyond the stage, touching hearts and souls with his authentic expression of faith and worship. The Single: "We […]

today22 April 2024 15


Heather B The Impact of Trauma

By Heather B.  The Impact of Trauma on Playfulness and practical steps we can take to regain a playful spirit Trauma has a profound impact on our lives, influencing various aspects of our well-being and hindering our natural inclination toward playfulness. The experience of trauma can rob us of joy, hinder creativity, and impair the depth of our relationships. Let’s briefly explore how trauma affects our ability to be playful, […]

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Anthony Hall & Jason Nelson

  Anthony Hall & Jason Nelson - Focus A New Orleans native, Anthony Hall emerges as an artist with his music roots in Jazz, Funk, and R&B. His father locally renowned jazz artist Emile Hall, Jr., afforded Anthony the opportunity to grow up surrounded and influenced by a wide expanse of music. In turn, he has created a unique sound within infusions of both Modern and Classic R&B, Funk, and […]

today12 March 2024 26


Patricia Knight-Scott

Patricia Knight-Scott Patricia Knight-Scott, a soulful songstress, session singer, vocal educator, and award-winning vocalist is sharing another new release.  Previously a founding lead vocalist for the London Community Gospel Choir and one-fifth of the group Nu Colors, which was the first UK Gospel group to be signed to Polygram Record Label. The new release, Your Love, is a soulful R&B mid-tempo ballad talking about the unconditional love between man, woman, […]

today8 February 2024 32