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By Heather B – How well do you delegate as a leader?

How well do you delegate as a leader? The phrase "bleeding while leading" has been commonly used to emphasize dedication and resilience. It conveys the idea that true leaders are willing to sacrifice and endure personal hardships. While this sentiment holds value in some contexts, it is important to recognise that in reality and biblically, prioritising love is essential for effective and sustainable leadership. In believing you are loved enough […]

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Heather B The Impact of Trauma

By Heather B.  The Impact of Trauma on Playfulness and practical steps we can take to regain a playful spirit Trauma has a profound impact on our lives, influencing various aspects of our well-being and hindering our natural inclination toward playfulness. The experience of trauma can rob us of joy, hinder creativity, and impair the depth of our relationships. Let’s briefly explore how trauma affects our ability to be playful, […]

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