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First reggae collaboration for Sandra Godley OBE remixing self-penned song on grief & hope

On the 30th of May 2024, award-winning singer-songwriter Sandra Godley OBE released her first reggae
collaboration, a second remix of her self-penned song ‘My Darling’. The reggae version has a calm feel, with
a mid-tempo, contemporary, reflective flow. Producer Stuart Green and Co-producer Keziah Job known as
Hammond and Harmony productions are the creatives behind the project.

The story behind the Reggae remix
The idea for a remix came about in October 2022 when Sandra attended the International Music Summit in
Seattle Washington, founded by Dr Carol Crawford. Co-producer Keziah Job heard the single at the summit and
the inspiration came for the project, being Sandra’s first reggae track, she excitedly embraced the opportunity.

Media coverage
My Darling is a song about the pandemic losses originally released in August 2021 during the height of Covid 19,
the song received media coverage on the popular British television network ITV News among other media outlets.
Other adaptions of the song include an Orchestral remix in December 2021, Sandra Godley has been involved in
numerous charity work regarding grief, loss, and hope, she is set to perform My Darling (Reggae Remix) for the
first time at the Godiva Festival on the 7th of July.

Inspiration behind the song
“I lost my aunt to Covid, none of our family were able to say goodbye to her. As a songwriter, I struggled to put
words to songs and one day the words just came while I was using my computer. The words were like raindrops
bouncing on my head which eventually caused me to be in floods of tears. Although I reflect on the grief journey, there is hope in the song with words such as”. “I’m learning to live again” “Grief won’t destroy me” and “Feel the depth of emotion with a remix that beautifully weaves sorrow and sound into a beacon of brighter days ahead”. – Sandra Godley OBE

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