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Chevelle Franklyn – We Will Sing

“We Will Sing” is indeed a beautiful and refreshing song that expresses love and adoration for God. One of my favourite lines from the song is, “Awesome is your majesty, oh how we worship you, beautiful One. Golden is your splendour.” It’s a powerful reminder of God’s greatness.

This amazing song will bring you into His presence. It can serve as a powerful tool to centre our thoughts and focus on what truly matters, by directing our worship to the only God whose faithfulness reaches to the skies.

The lyrics of “We Will Sing” resonate with the psalmist David’s words in Psalm 108:1: “My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul. So, let this song kickstart your morning, fuelling you throughout the day.

Join me in singing sweet melodies to our King

South Wind Vol 1 (Due to be released 24 April 2024)

Recorded amidst the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, “South Wind Vol 1” is an album that brings together a beautiful atmosphere of Praise and Worship. This captivating album takes you on a journey like no other. “South Wind Vol 1” is anointed and filled with an abundance of Vibrant melodies, sweet harmonies, and heartfelt words from the mouth of God.

This album has a powerful combination of indigenous sounds with songs in both English and Zulu languages that resonate with the themes of faith, hope and love.

Whether you’re seeking a refreshing or simply looking to be inspired, “South Wind Vol 1” promises to transport you to a place where it will leave an indelible mark on your worship experience.

Embrace songs like, “We Will Sing”, “Highest Are You”, “Blown Away” and “Jesus Wins”. Embrace all that God has for you on this Album. Tap into the anointing and immerse yourself in the soul-stirring journey, that is “South Wind Vol 1.”

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