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Dynamic Brother Trio SLB Unveils Inspirational Debut EP “Psalm 68”

SLB, also known as St. Luce Brothers, the dynamic trio of brothers have released their debut EP titled “Psalm 68.” Rooted in a musical family where their sisters, (known as – St. Luce Sisters), held the definitive singing roles, SLB have forged their own path, creating a synergy that transcends music and is now crafting their unique story. Following the release of ‘Hold Me Close,’ ‘By My Side,’ and their unofficial FIFA 2022 World Cup anthem ‘Football Makes The World Go Round,’ supported by Hillyfield Primary Academy, the trio, driven by a desire
to touch hearts globally, presents their debut EP ‘Psalm 68,’ resonating themes of faith, hope, and joy, aiming for a profound connection with their listeners. Psalm 68’ holds immense significance and sentiment in their journey. “Our EP ‘Psalm 68’ is a heartfelt attempt to touch the lives of listeners worldwide. We aspire for this collection to be a wellspring of joy and inspiration, forging a deeper connection with our audience through its messages of faith, hope, and joy,” – SLB.

The EP showcases a unique blend of self-produced R&B, Afro-fusion, neo-soul, and rap by the brothers. Their fusion embodies a diverse musical influence absorbed during their upbringing, ranging from country music to Motown. This diversity forms the bedrock of their distinctive sound, featuring great lyrical content exploring themes of love, faith, and resilience. Notably, British rapper Luke November contributes a fresh perspective and dynamism as the sole featured artist on ‘Yeshua’ – definitely an artist to watch!
Reflecting on their journey, SLB emphasizes the significance of the year 2017 when they officially united as a trio. Since then, they have had the privilege of collaborating with influential figures such as Nicky Brown, Isaiah Raymond, Nick Michaels of ‘Bethnal,’ and have delivered notable performances, including an intimate event honoring civil rights legend Andrew Mlangeni. At this event, SLB paid tribute through powerful renditions of “Something Inside So Strong” and “Redemption Song.”

“Psalm 68” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms. Click here to stream
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