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Maurette Brown Clark’s voice is one that sneaks up on you. It steals into your soul and, before you know it, you’re feeling everything she’s feeling. Her epistles of hope and encouragement are so indelibly linked to your own story that you can’t shake them, even if you tried. But you don’t want to.

HE LOVES ME” is the forthcoming 8-song project from multi-award-winning singer-songwriter-producer, MAURETTE BROWN CLARK. The project will be globally available on Friday, November 3, 2023, via the Nettie’s Child Music/MNRK Nashville label imprint.

The “HE LOVES ME” project was first introduced to fans and music lovers abroad with the release of the now #19 Billboard Gospel song in the country, “I SEE GOOD.” “I See Good” was written by multiple award-winning artist Anthony Brown (Anthony Brown and group therAPy) and produced by Kenneth Shelton for KenHe Music. “I’m an encourager. Just like God encourages us with his Word, his promises, and his love. He sees us whole. He sees us healed. He sees us delivered from sin. He sets us free from everything that may be holding us down – even if it’s ourselves. So this message is one that everyone can grab a hold of. I am hopeful that it will encourage more than just the Christian community, but people across every spectrum of the world,” mentions Maurette.

This is one of those very personal projects for me. If I did not mention the pandemic, I would be remiss. I was really trying to decide during that time whether I wanted to continue recording new music or not. I will always sing. I will always worship. I will always praise. Did it have to be that I continued as a recording artist? Of that I wasn’t so sure. But during the pandemic, I was reminded almost daily that the music I have recorded through the years was being used to encourage people through the worst of times. That blessed me beyond what I can articulate. I had some great friends who encouraged me that God wasn’t sending encouraging messages through me during that time. I listened. My answer is still YES to the call of God on my life – to tell as many people about Him with the voice and the music that He has given me,” she shares on the inspiration behind “HE LOVES ME.”

One the highlight tunes from “He Loves Me” is the revisit of the classic, “Angels“. ” Its a song that was recorded and released by Richard Smallwood and Vision in 1996. I was blessed to sing one of the leads on that song, and years later I was inspired to sing it again. Not to record a better version, but again, it was one of those songs that I pulled out during the pandemic to encourage myself as I watched God literally dispatch angels of protection around myself and my family.”

Another highlight is the title track, “He Loves Me“. The song was written by Maurette Brown Clark and Will Vick. “Will was playing the chords in church one day and I started writing to them right in service. The chorus came first and then the verses. This is actually one of my first steps back into active songwriting and how appropriate that it would be the message that I always knew – God loves me. He loves me. That he would send his son for me. That he would give his life for me. That he would do that before I was formed in my mother’s womb. That he knew that I would need a Savior. That no matter what I’ve done or will do, he would still sacrifice for me. And yes, that he still loves me. So it felt good for the project and it feels good that it is the title track.”


1. God Is Good

2. I Just Wanna Praise You

3. Not One Day

4. Angels (Acoustic)

5. He Loves Me

6. He Loves Me (Reprise)

7. The One He Kept For Me (Live)

8. I See Good

Maurette is currently on a promotional tour in support of the “He Loves Me” project. Cities include New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Nashville, TN; Indianapolis, IN; Jacksonville, FL; Calverton, MD; Chicago, Ill; San Jose, CA; Memphis, TN and Freeport, NY. Fans can also expect a “He Loves Me” national tour in 2024.


“HE LOVES ME” by MAURETTE BROWN CLARK (Available November 3, 2023)

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